Deva Arms Co (Gunsmiths) works with numerous companies, organisations and private individuals as consultants on the purchase and acquisition of firearms from retail, private and auction sources on technical issues and values. We also work with gunshops and sales organisations all over the UK in a consultative basis to help them develop sales and marketing strategies, and on various aspects of valuations and trading in gun and weapons sales, as well as gunsmith services within the sales establishment. Our expertise on purchasing and valuations covers shotguns, rifles and air weapons, modern and antique, as well as a large host of section 58 (obsolete) antique firearms and deactivated militaria. Our expertise comes from over 30 years experience as gunsmiths and working with sales, purchasing, part exchange, auction sales and purchasing, and general sales to trade and the public in all parts of the UK with a multitude of companies on a daily basis. We advise on legal aspects of holding gun sales and auctions to auction houses, charity organisations looking to hold sporting sales and disposal sales. We assess for auction and general sales and regularly act as valuers and cataloguers on behalf of a number of sale rooms, gunshops and legal organisations. Auction houses, gunshops or private individuals wishing to engage our services should email or ring to discuss requirements. Private individuals engage us to assess the value of an item, or multiple items, and to bid on their behalf to keep their identity confidential, or to negotiate a purchase directly. Our services are costed on individual basis and dependant on a number of factors; end value, storage and transport after bidding or purchase, location of sale and legal paperwork. Ring to discuss your requirements. We give casual but informed advice on all aspects of firearms law. We regularly advise many companies and individuals on firearms law and are happy to offer advice on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, so please ask on your specific needs and if we are unsure of a solution or definitive answer we will and can almost definitely give an introduction or pointer to someone or organisation that can be definitive. Bereavement can be a difficult time for relatives and we offer comprehensive services to suit probate and legal demands. We regularly travel to take possession of large collections, firearms, accessories, associated items of all descriptions, and ammunition, and will either sell on behalf of an estate or buy outright. We can arrange collection, storage and sales, as well as dealing with the legal aspects of the transport and possession of firearms. Please contact us in the first instance and we will value any firearms, and give advice on the best course of action, whether that be retaining and transfering the firearms to a family member, selling them at auction, storing them for later sale, or outright purchase. We will act in the best interests of the client and will always deal with the matter in strictest confidence. We can also deal with the police if that is required. Just ring or email your needs. Recently we have been working with television companies on some number of projects. We have been asked to be involved in other projects and will announce them at an appropriate time.
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