Deva Arms Co carry out almost any work to firearms and antiques, to suit all pockets and budgets The specialist nature of our work means we are always extremely busy and any estimate on time is NEVER binding. Most work is carried out on the premises apart from times when a a trusted specialist is used, i.e. final stage of blacking. While we do manufacture parts, this is costly and recommend the use of original parts, new or second hand; to this end patience should be exercised by clients while we source parts and we cannot guarantee timescales even when quoted. Ask for a quote before leaving your gun for work, or ring for clarification and a non-binding rough estimate. We have our own Terms Of Sevice and instruct ALL prospective users of our services that we expect them to read and abide by those terms of service or NOT engage our services: using our services implies acceptance in their entirety our Terms and Conditions. Click the graphic for full details. We work on almost any gun and give an extensive insurance quote service for work and replacement values, advising where and when approptiate it is uneconomical to repair an item, whereby we will give an appraisal of the market and what gun, old or new, would be an appropriate replacement, or what amount should be paid. If you wish to give our details to your insurer as an assessor and loss adjustor we are happy to work with almost all insurers and always act fairly to both sides. We can give insurance quotes by email but only after extensive details have been supplied. Any quote is good for a month from the first date of contact and we can store and source new and second hand items as replacements. We also offer, to insurance companies, a buying service where we buy scrap guns for spares or repairs at our discretion. We work extensively with the gun trade as consultants on sales, marketing and gunsmithing, all over the UK: email your needs. We will shortly be offering a parts manufacturing service to the trade and work from original parts where available; please contact us for more details and a quote.
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